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Hricane's Brand Spirit: Life is a music, where there is music, there is Hricane!

    Hricane(中文名:海莉可), Named after a beautiful girl, and come from a story that a handsome boy like playing ukulele for his beloved girl!

    Hricane has continuously broken through the tradition, committed to innovation and creating an independent Musical Instrument Brand. We specialize in researching, manufacturing and marketing from standard to professional grade high quality brand musical instruments, but Great Prices, anyone to play. Each Ukulele & Guitar is finely hand crafted using the highest grade, well-seasoned wood and scaled to produce a perfect intonation. We aim to create new experiences in music and performance, and have brought the enjoyment of musical performance to many people all around the world.

    To all the old, new and future music beginners/lovers/teachers/musicians out there, thanks for strumming, singing and playing with Hricane Brand Musical Instruments. Welcome to our family!

Hricane's Brand Spirit: Life is a music, where there is music, there is Hricane!
Hricane Brand Ukulele Collections

Hricane Brand Ukulele

Innovative Hricane Brand Ukulele for Beginners/Lovers/Teachers/Musicians

Hricane Brand Ukulele
Hricane Brand Guitar Collections

Hricane Brand Guitar

Innovative Hricane Brand Guitar for Beginners/Lovers/Teachers/Musicians

Hricane Brand Guitar
Hricane Music Instrument Accessories Collections

Musical Instrument Accessories

Hricane Instrument Accessories Help You To Get Various Music Effects

Musical Instrument Accessories

Hricane Ukulele Market

We have the best professional manufacturers and offer the affordable prices and best selection brand ukuleles for you.

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Hricane Teaches You How to Choose the Ukulele That Suits You?

Because of its small size, portability, lively tone, and easy learning, making ukulele was popular in the United States in the early 20th century. Then how to choose the hawaiian ukulele that suits you? Which aspects should you consider?

Do You Know How Ukulele Tone Depends On The Wood?

As we all know, wood is the material that is transmitting the vibration that makes the sound. The density and makeup of their cell structure in conjunction the other factors is what determine its tonality. Do you know how ukulele tone depends on the wood? which wood makes the best ukulele?


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