Best Portable Travel Ukulele Instruments for You - Hricane

Outside of traveling with your personal favorite people, a high quality ukulele might be the best travel buddy. Hricane Best Travel Ukulele with ultra-thin body, light and portable suit for every travel. They come from world-famous ukulele factory, and with high quality and affordable price. Hricane travel ukulele have soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone models—all models come in a travel-ready gig bag. These travel ukuleles are designed to be durable for your on-the-go lifestyle!

Hricane Brand Travel Ukulele

27 inch Solid Spruce Top Thin Body Cutaway Travel Tenor Deadwood Ukulele


26 inch Walnut Solid Spruce Top Thin Style Cutaway Travel Tenor Ukulele


26 inch Walnut Solid Spruce Top Thin Body Travel Tenor Ukulele