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Nepal handmade Buddha Tibet bowl bowl ritual music therapy copper chime copper Tibetan Singing Bowl


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Material: Copper
Brand Name: Hricane

Theme: Buddhism

8-12cm send wood stick 13-17.5cm Send Leather stick Please consult the detailed description and purchase Features The Buddha called turning bowl bowl bowl practice, the use of special ring made of copper, in Tibetan Buddhism prevailed. The Buddha bowl around the bowl engraved with Arabic script, bowl bottom pattern is good luck, every year more than mean. There is a bowl with a human head carved mahogany bar, and use it to rotate around the edge of the bowl can emit sounds of nature "Om - Om -" sound, sound volume control can be freely according to their own feeling, is turning the more lasting, Buddha sound louder, the more loud and clear, wonderful magic! Tibetan Buddhists believe that Buddha is the sound emitted by the sound, turn one will be able to preserve peace at home every day. If the water in the bowl containing the Buddha sound bowl, the sound bigger, the water inside the pot began to boil, forming a fine spray, like ballet, like jump, very exciting looking, but did not affect the Buddha sound bowl sound . Within a few hundred square feet of space, even if there are thousands of people, everyone can hear it in the music. Condition: 100% New Material:Copper Religion: Buddhism Category: Bowl Process: Hand



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