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Testimonials of Hricane Customers

  • Testimonials of Hricane Customers

    By Gabriela Cortes from United States


    "This is a great quality uke. I originally had a soprano but wanted an upgrade so I got the concert. If you're a beginner with small hands I would recommend the soprano bc the fretboard is a little wider and harder to reach. Otherwise it was really cheap but still incredible quality. Definitely recommend!"

  • Testimonials of Hricane Customers

    By Annie from United Kingdom


    "i just want to buy a different ukulele, then i find it!! the pattern very beautiful and unique. btw the seller tell me their ukes are come from the huge famous brand factory. hope it works, LOL"

  • Testimonials of Hricane Customers

    By James Tibstra from Germany


    "Sounds very good, my son very like this gift."

  • Testimonials of Hricane Customers

    By Charles J from Spain


    "This is gift for my son,it's a great instrument for a beginner,solid wood for the neck and body,good quality as described! It’s smooth to touch and the finishing is neat. My son likes to play, he said it’s a fantastic ukulele!"

  • Testimonials of Hricane Customers

    By Susanna from United States


    "I bought a ukulele for myself to learn. The price was very reasonable, the sound is awesome and it is super easy to keep tuned. And the ukulele is so pretty! I am happy with my purchase in every way possible!!"

  • Testimonials of Hricane Customers

    By Charles from Italy


    "My purpose for buying a ukulele: I'm a young adult looking to learn the instrument for fun and to potentially write songs with. "

  • Testimonials of Hricane Customers

    By J. Nasti from United States


    "Shipping was better than expected, it showed up a day early and it was nicely packed and its a great looking ukulele with a really nice sound."

  • Testimonials of Hricane Customers

    By Winnie from United States


    "The sound it's awesome, nice price and very good looking. I was looking for an instrument that's sounds good. And this Hricane ukulele won my heart!"

  • Testimonials of Hricane Customers

    By Ol Grouch from United States


    "We bought this Hricane ukulele for our fifteen year old daughter. She has medium sized hands and it's very comfortable to play. The ukulele has a surprisingly mellow tone for its size. The construction quality is very good and the nylon strings are comfortable to strum."

  • Testimonials of Hricane Customers

    By Vinicio Napolitani from Italy


    "The Hricane ukulele is absolutely beautiful. The body has mutilayer ABS binding around the top and side junction and the back is also ABS bound in a single layer. Very elegant looking. Neck & frets are straight and smooth. This would (in my opinion) make a fabulous first instrument as well as a 21st! From raw beginner to dare I say pro, this is an amazing little uke!"

  • Testimonials of Hricane Customers

    By Kivian from France


    "I purchased this Hricane ukulele to learn the songs they play in my daughter's music class. I like that the wood feels great and the whole products seems premium. We have enjoyed playing with it and had quality family time. I would recommend this product to others. "

  • Testimonials of Hricane Customers

    By Kian Gould from United Kingdom


    "Now I’m in love with this Hricane ukulele and will forever be obsessed. It’s lightweight and easy to take with you wherever you go. I love that the whole kit comes with the case, extra strings & capo."

  • Testimonials of Hricane Customers

    By Juglr from United Kingdom


    "I’ve purchased several soprano ukes and a banjolele, so when I found this tenor ukulele at such a low price thought I’d give it try. This Hricane ukulele exceeded my expectations! Very nice uke! Looks good, sounds good, feels good."

  • Testimonials of Hricane Customers

    By Abby Fantl from Australia


    "I purchased this ukulele for a class I was taking in college, after playing it for over a year now I am blown away with how much I love this instrument. I am very picky about my instrument choices, but I found myself preferring this Hricane instrument."

  • Testimonials of Hricane Customers

    By Cathey from Sweden


    "I very like this Hricane Ukulele. I was bought for his daughter as a birthday gift. if you are a musical instrument beginners, I think this Ukulele is very suitable for you, it's easy to learn, and the price is not expensive."

  • Testimonials of Hricane Customers

    By Vincent Provencher from France


    "I play banjo but decided to take up another instrument in addition to it so I bought this. I have to say I am surprised how well it is made for the price. It's put together well and the frets are smooth. The tuning pegs keep it tuned very nicely as well. "

  • Testimonials of Hricane Customers

    By W Meeker from Germany


    "This Hricane ukulele looks and sounds beautiful! This is my daughter's 3rd ukulele. When she asked for this specific model, I was concerned she was going to be disappointed because it was so inexpensive and came with so much extra stuff -- I thought it would be cheaply made. But it is a really well-made instrument and the sound reverberates inside beautifully. It also came with the gig bag, extra strings and a capo. My daughter is thrilled with it, and we love hearing the sweet music she makes."

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