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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Which types of Payment Methods do you accept?

We accept PayPal; Credit/Debit cards: VISA, MasterCard and Maestor. All payment are secured.

What types of Shipping Methods do you use?

Our goal is to offer you the best shipping options, no matter where you live. We deliver to hundreds of customers across the world every day, and we strive to provide you with services of the highest level.

  • Processing Time: 2-3 days
  • Shipping Cost: Free Shipping
  • Estimated Delivery Time: 7-14 days
  • Shipping Company: EPACKET, DHL, EMS, UPS
  • Free Shipping Area: United States, United Kingdom, France, German, Spain, Canada, China and Southeast Asian countries.

Please see the shipping section on our website for more details.

What’s the cost of Shipping?

Shipping cost on Hricane website is FREE SHIPPING on all orders.

Is my ukulele covered under any Warranty?

Yes! Hricane have 1-Year Warranty Policy. Please see the warranty section on our website for more details. Be sure to save your original sales receipt to validate all warranty claims.

How to Return & Refund & Exchange my ukulele?

Kindly tell you that Hricane have 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Please see the return & refund & exchange section on our website for more details.

How to care for your Hricane Brand Musical Instruments?

Hricane ukulele & guitar is handmade from the best materials available, but good instruments need to be treated responsibly. In order to ensure that your Hricane lasts a lifetime in good condition, please pay attention to the guidelines that follow.

Solid wood instruments and their finishes are affected by temperature and humidity. They shrink and swell as their environment changes; which is why we maintain our factory's relative humidity and temperature. Necks, tops, backs, sides, fret boards, and all instrument woods take on and give off moisture. Exposure to low humidity shrink wood, lacquer and cause the wood to crack. On the other hand High humidity can cause instruments to swell, causing binding separations, splitting joints, etc. These types of damage are not covered by this warranty. Please keep your ukulele & guitar in its case and use a sound hole humidifier when necessary, especially if you live in dry areas or cold weather regions where indoor heat is required. Please follow the instructions on whatever humidifier you choose and beware of over-humidification. A small digital hygrometer, placed in the room with your instruments, will help you monitor the climatic conditions to which your instrument is exposed. A room humidifier might help in some areas. Conditions with a relative humidity below 40% or above 60% can begin to cause stress in Hricane ukulele & guitar.

Always store in a hard shell case. Be sure to remove any accessories that might damage the instrument through prolonged contact, i.e. capos or anything made of vinyl or plastic. The rubber padding on certain stands or sunscreen from a day at the beach can also cause damage to the finish. It is advised that a hot car is no place for a ukulele. The extreme temperature can soften the glue which binds you instrument together causing bridge failure or delamination of the body or neck. This type of damage is not covered under warranty.

If you have any questions at all about the care, please contact us We realize how important this instrument is to you. Great care has gone into the building of this ukulele & guitar and you should know that we are here to help you with any questions or concerns that you might have about your ukulele & guitar.

How to deal with the problem of Color Difference?

All pictures are real photography, color difference can't avoid, when shopping online. Due to the display, pictures and doing figure in the process of product color slight deviations.

On the other hand, Ukulele & Guitar are most made of wood, each piece of wood can not be exactly the same color or grain. We will do our best to avoid color difference, hope you can understand.

How do I Track my parcel?

You can track your parcel on the following website using your tracking number: (Copied to the browser to open)

Can I get a Wholesale Price?

As a retailer Or wholesaler we can provide pretty competitive wholesale price, please contact us first.

What ukulele should I buy?

This is a difficult question to answer. Before purchasing an instrument it is best to first establish your budget. Hricane sells instruments at many price points with features appealing to players of all experience levels. The first question to consider is whether you want a soprano, concert, tenor, or baritone ukulele. These four size differences will affect your overall sound more than any other factor.

Do you recommend the use of a humidifier? If so, which brand do you recommend?

We highly recommend the use of an in-case humidifier (Humilele™, Humistat™, Oasis™, Planet Waves™, Damp-It™) to protect your instrument from the affects or dry weather. On solid-wood instruments, it is absolutely necessary to use a humidifier so as to not void the warranty. An instrument that is exposed to dry climates for any length of time can develop cracks, sharp fret ends, top or back sinking, a warped neck, or a combination of these symptoms. Sometimes these symptoms can be reversed but for the most part damage due to dryness is irreversible and not covered under warranty.

What is the difference between high G tuning and low G tuning?

Traditional ukulele tuning, otherwise known as Reentrant tuning, is a very popular tuning for the uke. This tuning comes standard on all soprano, concert, and tenor ukuleles that we offer. With this tuning, the G string is higher in pitch than the C string and one whole step lower than the A string. When people think of the ukulele, this is the tuning that comes to mind. However, low G tuning has become more popular especially for players transitioning from guitar or violin. You can find string sets for both tunings available in soprano, concert, and tenor ukulele: Aquila or Rectified Nylon.

If you have any questions, here is how you can reach us:

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