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About Hricane Brand Story

Hricane was established in 2004, it has been developing for 15 years. Especially in the field of musical instrument manufacturing, it has continuously broken through the tradition and committed to innovation and creating an independent musical instrument brand. The company has an independent musical instrument manufacturing factory, Yongda Musical Instrument Factory of Huizhou City, Guangdong Province. The factory machinery manufacturing facilities are fully equipped, and each step of the manufacturing process has undergone strict manual inspection and control, so that the traditional craftsmanship of the older generation can be promoted and passed down.


      Why does Hricane company transform itself into a brand and take the brand route? Although the company has been established for 15 years, the "HRICANE" brand was founded in 2016, focusing on the manufacturing of ukulele and guitar. Previously, the Betdaq E-Commerce Co., Ltd company has been committed to the development of a wide range of Amazon business, such as 3C, household items, outdoor sports equipment, musical instruments and so on. The rhythm of life that is suffocating which has to make people happy when they are free, listen to a favorite music, if you can play a song in person, more troubles are gone. “Hricane” takes its own brand route and uses the original craft experience to create hricane's own brand craft, inheriting hricane's own brand spirit---”Life is a music, Where there is music, there is HRICANE”.


       Hricane's dreams and pursuits are always thinking how to make a high-quality ukulele and guitar better, being explore, how to face the true desire of ukulele and guitar lovers, and hope to make a new interpretation of the ukulele and the guitar itself.

      At present, the quality of the products in the market is uneven, the low-priced and inferior ukulele and guitar are filled with the “true folk” songs in people's hearts. But when you really get a guitar at a low price, do you really find a musical instrument that suits you? and Hricane contributes to making more guitar lovers and musicians at a price that is more affordable to play for pleasure.


   The shaping of any brand is inseparable from the polishing of time and the sublimation of culture. Most of other musical instrument brands, Hricane focuses on products, so we are thinking about how to combine music and life in the quality, workmanship and ultimate pursuit of ukulele and guitar products.

     How to integrate Hricane into your Life, bring happiness to people and become a good partner of life. When you are physically and mentally exhausted in a fast-paced life, you can have a Hricane ukulele or guitar and let it take your troubles away. I also hope to express a life attitude, let Hricane become a kind of culture, a kind of relaxed and enjoyable, enjoy life, and enjoy the taste that music brings us to a good yearning and pursuit. 

    “Hricane's brand spirit lies in Life is a piece of music, Where there is music, there is HRICANE”.


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