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With its increased popularity and versatility, the Ukulele is a great starting point for any musician. Hricane specialize in researching, manufacturing and marketing from standard to professional grade high quality brand ukuleles. From beginner ukes to high-end instruments that will lead to a lifetime of enjoyment. The tone and volume of the ukulele varies with size and construction with four popular variations: ukulele soprano, ukulele concert, tenor ukulele, and baritone ukulele. Our ukuleles are built with value, quality, playability, and functionality in mind. Define your own sound and style with a Hricane Ukulele. Get Your Wings!

Hricane Brand Ukulele

27 inch Solid Spruce Top Thin Body Cutaway Travel Tenor Deadwood Ukulele


23" Best Concert Hawaiian Koa Ukulele


23 inch Sapele Spruce Top Flower Carved Pattern Concert Ukulele


23 inch Satin Mahogany Hawaiian Concert Ukulele for Sale


23 inch Full Sapele Hawaiian Concert Ukulele For Sale


26 inch Walnut Solid Spruce Top Thin Style Cutaway Travel Tenor Ukulele


23 inch Full Mahogany Hawaiian Cheap Concert Ukulele


26 inch Walnut Solid Spruce Top Thin Body Travel Tenor Ukulele


26 inch Full Sapele Hawaiian Tenor Ukulele For Sale