Walnut 27'' Top Wood Thin Body Tenor Ukulele

by Aymi He on June 18, 2019

The Ukulele is an exceptional guitar-like instrument, which originated from Hawaii. It is a fabulous instrument used to play and learn music due to its simplicity and social connections. In the nineteenth century, the ukulele was brought to Hawaii by the Portuguese immigrants. Tenor products look similar to concerts, but they are slightly bigger. For guitar players, tenor ukulele might be perfect for them. It is highly recommended for beginners that want to improve their skills by trying new things.

The wood tenor ukulele is the second largest based on the length among the four ukulele products which include concert, soprano, baritone and tenor. The higher the scale length of ukulele, the higher the volume of the bass. A top wood tenor thin body ukulele has a scale length of 17" with an overall length of 27". The wood tenor thin body consists of modern ukulele brand which provides an outstanding choice for people that want good quality ukulele with a decent price. For professional looking for the best tenor ukulele, Walnut 27'' Solid Spruce Wood Tenor Thin Body Ukulele is the best options, because it will offer you the quality sounds and tone required.

tenor ukulele

  The Walnut 27'' Tenor Thin Body Ukulele has many excellent features which include solid wood at the back and mahogany sides and top. The natural wooden pattern makes this a perfect instrument for both beginners and expert players.


thin tenor ukulele FEATURES INCLUDE:
• Tenor size
• Satin finish
• Geared tuners
• Walnut fingerboard
• Mahogany neck and body, Walnut 27'' Solid Spruce


Wood Thin Body Tenor Ukulele specification:
• Agathis body
• Mahogany neck
• 18 Brass frets
• 17 Tenor Ukulele specifications
• 7-1/8 Upper Bout
• 3-1/8 Body depth
• 26-3/4 Overall body length
• 9-1/2 Lower Bout
• 11-7/8 Body length
• 5-3/4 Waist
• Geared tuners



  The walnut thin tenor ukulele is so stunning that anytime you look at it, you feel tempted to play with it. If you want to buy the best ukulele tenor size at an affordable price with good quality, then walnut 27” tenor is the right choice.

  The wood tenor thin body design makes the Walnut 27” better equipped to handle changes in environmental humidity and temperature. The 18 brass frets fingerboard of the wood tenor is made of walnut. Also, the color of the walnut is lighter compared to the mahogany on the body, which gives a good contrast similar to the traditional design.




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