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Super Thin Style  27 Inch Solid Spruce Cutaway Deadwood Ukulele

Super Thin Style 27 Inch Solid Spruce Cutaway Deadwood Ukulele

Music they say gives soul to the universe, gift the mind with wings to fly into great imaginations and brighten up lives. With all these, there is no doubt about the fact that music has a tremendous role to In our respective worlds. But do you think all these are possible without the right kind of high quality ukulele? I doubt that!

Have you heard of the just designed 27 Inch Deadwood Solid Spruce Ultra Thin Cutaway Travel Tenor Ukulele? This ukulele is a one of a kind. Do wish to know more about this spectacular instrument and the things that make it special? Right here, we will be taking you through all you need to know about this Deadwood Tenor Ukulele.

27 Inch Deadwood Solid Spruce Top Ultra Thin Body Cutaway Travel Tenor Ukulele


Tenor deadwood ukulele is a 27-inch thin body with an arched back and an endpin. This instrument has a smooth fingerboard and a soft Aquila nylon- strings which work together to give you smooth and comfortable playing time, without having to go through the fears of hurting your hands while playing. Unlike other types of guitars, it has an ultra-thin body, which in turn makes it very light in weight and portable in appearance. With its size, you can consider it as the best choice for traveling. Also, Tenor Deadwood Ukulele has an arched back which is highly optimized to produce a brighter, clearer and louder sound compared to other normal ukuleles.

Durable Body Frame

Despite having a portable shape, the body frame was designed to be as durable as possible. Tenor Deadwood Ukulele was fabricated with 100% solid wood with high quality, making it one of the best in the industry. This Tenor Deadwood Ukulele was designed in such a way that the top is bright solid spruce, while its back and side have clear solid deadwood. With this unique design, you will be getting a ukulele which is highly sustainable, produce pure tones, have a better resonance. All these make it supersedes other normal tenor ukuleles.

Smooth & Comfortable Playing Feel

Another amazing feature that makes Tenor Deadwood Ukulele stand out of the crowd is the way the fret position markers were positioned. The 5th, 7th, 10th, and 12th fret were marked using a cross-shaped design, making your playing time as comfortable as possible.

More so, the frets which are 18 in number all come with a chamfer fine cutting which is positioned at an angle of 45 degrees.

The hand-polished walnut fingerboard and white brass frets is another thing you need to go watch out for. This particular part of this ukulele was designed to have a smooth edge. The strings are also made with Aquila nylon, which is very soft and smooth in texture. This prevents the strings from hurting your fingers and enable you to strike cords as you play.

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